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This code is for HTML5:

<time itemprop="datePublished" datetime="2012-01-07T07:07:21+00:00">January 7, 2012</time>

Can I use this code for HTML4?

<div itemprop="datePublished">
    <span dateCreated="2012-01-07T07:07:21+00:00">January 7, 2012</span>

Or something like this?

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Note that Microdata is specified for HTML5, not for HTML 4.01 (related question). If you don’t care about that:

HTML 4.01 doesn’t define a dateCreated attribute for the span element. There is also no time or data element defined. Some would misuse the abbr element, but I wouldn’t recommend that. So you’d probably have to use a span element, and, ugly, hide the machine-readable date for your visitors.

<span><span itemprop="datePublished" class="hidden">2012-01-07T07:07:21+00:00</span> January 7, 2012</span>

But better don’t use Microdata in HTML 4.01 documents in the first place. You could use RDFa instead (you can also use the Schema.org vocabulary in RDFa).

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Thanks unor, You help me a lot today with your great information... –  user3307827 Mar 9 at 16:30
I changed The webpage to HTML5 but I think I can use a meta instead <time> tag...right? for example:<meta itemprop="dateCreated" content="2012/3/2 5:30" /> –  user3307827 Mar 10 at 9:54
@user3307827: Yes, when using HTML5, you can use meta and links elements with Microdata in the body. If not used with Microdata/RDFa, they are only allowed in the head. –  unor Mar 10 at 10:13

Assuming the top line is correct, you can just swap time for span, leaving the rest alone.

Where are you using HTML that the parser breaks on additional attributes/elements?

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