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I am updating a table in Word which contains merged cells from data in an Excel Spreadsheet

The tales in Word are such that the coefficient and the standard errors of statistical analysis appear adjacent to each other in the same merged cell.

I have tried pasting special and various other types of pasting, but pasting across merged cells causes the formatting to change. I also don't want to have to split the cells, paste, and re-merged. Is there any way to do this with a macro?

So the excel document and the word document look like this

|            |  reg1   |     reg2     |
|            |                        |    
| variable 1 | -0.10   | 0.20         |
|            | (0.016) | (0.085)      |
| variable 2 | 0.010** | 0.20*        |
|            | (0.037) | (0.045)      |

I want to be able to copy the entire reg 1 column and paste it into the word table with all the formatting preserved. However, because there is a merged cell, the standard errors (numbers in parentheses) are not pasted.

Any ideas?

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