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I have Global Filter as

    public static void RegisterGlobalFilters(GlobalFilterCollection filters)
        filters.Add(new HandleErrorAttribute());
        filters.Add(new AuthorizeAttribute());

My Signin Code is

    public async Task<ActionResult> Login(UsersViewModel usermodel)
        if (ModelState.IsValid)
            Mapper.CreateMap<UsersViewModel, Users>();
            Users model = Mapper.Map<Users>(usermodel);
            Users result = await UserManager.FindAsync(model.UserName, usermodel.Password);
            if (result != null)
                await SignInAsync(result, true);
                return RedirectToAction("Success", "Home");
            ModelState.AddModelError("Error", "Incorrect username and/or password");
        return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home");

    private async Task SignInAsync(Users user, bool isPersistent)
        ClaimsIdentity identity = await UserManager.CreateIdentityAsync(user, DefaultAuthenticationTypes.ExternalCookie);
        AuthenticationManager.SignIn(new AuthenticationProperties()
            IsPersistent = isPersistent
        }, identity);

Now when I am signing in then its redirecting to /Home/Success. Its alright I saw the cookies its also creating the authentication cookie. However when I am trying to access /Account/AddRole which isnt marked as allowannonymous. In spite I have already authenticated . Its still redirecting me to /Account/Login . Which shouldn't happen . However my Authentication Startup Class for Owin is :

public void ConfigureAuth(IAppBuilder app)
        app.CreatePerOwinContext(() => new RemsContext());
        app.CreatePerOwinContext<RemsContext>(() => new RemsContext());

        // Enable the application to use a cookie to store information for the signed in user
        // and to use a cookie to temporarily store information about a user logging in with a third party login provider
        app.UseCookieAuthentication(new CookieAuthenticationOptions
            AuthenticationType = DefaultAuthenticationTypes.ApplicationCookie,
            LoginPath = new PathString("/Account/Login"),
            CookieName = "Authcookie",
            CookieSecure = CookieSecureOption.Always,
            AuthenticationMode = Microsoft.Owin.Security.AuthenticationMode.Active


Why its not authentication working inspite it sets the authentication cookie for Asp.net ? From Identity Framework . I m currently using Identityframework beta 2.0.1 . can someone guide why authorize in global isnt working as expected in spite I have already logged in and the authentication cookie has been set ?

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Are you using HTTPS? If you specify CookieSecureOption.Always then it would fail to retrieve the cookie and build identity over HTTP. –  Oppositional May 23 at 13:32

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