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Ckeditor call function after newpage button on the toolbar is clicked

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any progress? - I am also wondering how to do this. This kind of question has been asked many times on the CKEditor forum without resolution ... –  hoju Apr 16 '10 at 3:11
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2 Answers

Use 'afterCommandExec' and 'beforeCommandExec':

editor.on('afterCommandExec', handleAfterCommandExec);
function handleAfterCommandExec(event)
    var commandName = event.data.name;
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I found out how to catch the paste event:

editor.on('paste', your_cb_fn);

However this doesn't seem to work for the button actions:

// does nothing
editor.on('Bold', your_cb_fn);
editor.on('bold', your_cb_fn);

The solution may be to edit the plugins in _source/plugins to create triggers, though that is not ideal.

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