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When I submit the form with ajax everything seems to work but the content is hidden. I can only see it on the "inspect element" but not in the browser.

Any suggestion?

this is the code that i'm using. I already try with .triger(create)


            var formData = $("#post").serialize();

                type: "POST",
                url: "ajax.php",
                cache: false,
                data: formData,
                success: function (data) {
                       $("#content ul").listview('refresh');                           


Thank you in advance for your help.

Update. Thank you for your help. I used the append() method and it is working!

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use $('#allfeeds').html(data); instead of $('#allfeeds').append().html(data) –  Suman Bogati Mar 9 at 17:25

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Use either append() or html() to insert the data but you are using both in wrong way



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And if it's the same data, you would end up having multiple copies of the same data - duplcates. Hence, be sure to use $('#allfeeds').empty().html(data) or $('#allfeeds').empty().append(data) –  LShetty Mar 9 at 18:41

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