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I have the following Activemodel Serializer which needs to be customised on the current_user (scope)

class QuestionSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer

attributes :id, :question,
       :user_id, :voted,
       :total_votes, :comments_count

has_many :choices
has_many :comments
has_many :categories
has_one :user

def total_votes

def voted
   if scope && scope.has_voted?(object)
    return true
    return false


The problem I have is I need to find out if the user has voted on the question.

User.rb Model:

def has_voted?(question)
Answer.where(:question_id => question.id, :user_id => self.id).exists?

Is there any way to avoid the n+1 query problem?

Currently the query to fetch the questions is:

Question.includes(:choices, :user, :comments, :categories).order(:created_at)


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To avoid N+1 query problem with answers, you should link them with user and do the eager loading.

Adding has_many :answers to user.rb, you can rewrite the method:

def has_voted?(question)
  answers.where(:question_id => question.id).exists?
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Hi Aret, Thanks for the advice, this doesn't seem to solve the problem. the n+1 problem disappears if I delete 'exists?' but doesn't produce the correct result. –  Ben G Mar 9 at 22:20

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