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I'm using maven and jetty for my web application. I give the command mvn jetty:run to run the maven/jetty which also will load my web application. But the path I get to use to access is http://localhost:8080/filename.jsp while I want it to be http://localhost:8080/myappname/filename.jsp

How to get this done ? Please let me know if I've to post specific files from my web app for you to be able to solve this.

I found other way around at Remove application name after localhost in jetty

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From these docs: http://www.eclipse.org/jetty/documentation/current/jetty-maven-plugin.html#jetty-run-goal

I think you just need to configure the contextPath in your pom.xml:

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Thanks. That helped. –  TechCrunch Mar 10 at 14:42

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