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I am trying to update a gem (specifically bootstrap-sass) to the latest version (3.1.1). To do this I first edited the Gemfile to change the bootstrap line to this:

gem 'bootstrap-sass', '3.1.1'

Then I ran

bundle install
bundle update
bundle install

and started the server, but when looking at the custom CSS file with Bootstrap included, the CSS included was still version 2.3.2. There is probably a simple answer to this question to force the update upon all components of the app, but how do I apply this update?

Here's the Github repo so people can help debug faster: https://github.com/afuhrtrumpet/menu_app

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Did you try manually editing Gemfile.lock? I know it's not recommended but it could solve your problem –  SoSimple Mar 9 at 20:34
I could, but Gemfile.lock already lists bootstrap-sass (, so I don't see a need to. –  aftrumpet Mar 9 at 20:36
Oh sorry, my bad for not reading the question properly. Um, I've never worked with bootstrap but would a general gem update work? –  SoSimple Mar 9 at 20:41
I've tried that several times and it's updated the Gemfile.lock, but not the actual CSS used in the application. –  aftrumpet Mar 9 at 21:11

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Per the bootstrap-sass readme.md at: https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-sass

Make sure you have sass-rails in your Gemfile too.

gem 'sass-rails', '>= 3.2'

Since you already had been running bootstrap, I presume you have @import 'bootstrap' in your CSS tree.

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I already have sass-rails in the Gemfile. –  aftrumpet Mar 9 at 20:47
Did you specify 'sass-rails' version 3.2 or higher? –  cjn Mar 9 at 20:57
I currently have >= 4.0.0 specified. For easier debugging, the full repo has been added to the post now. –  aftrumpet Mar 9 at 21:00

Delete Gemfile.lock, and rerun bundle commands

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I just tried that, and still ended up with the old version of Bootstrap. –  aftrumpet Mar 9 at 20:16
Also, I checked Gemfile.lock and it does contain bootstrap-sass 3.1.1 –  aftrumpet Mar 9 at 20:30
rake assets:precompile –  Vitalyp Mar 9 at 20:41
I tried that and got the same results. Or maybe I'm supposed to to another bundle update after running this? –  aftrumpet Mar 9 at 20:46
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The old version of bootstrap-sass was still installed along with the new version and was still being used. The following command fixed it:

gem cleanup bootstrap-sass
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