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Is there a way to show alternate image if source image is not found? I know to accomplish this is by doing something like below:

<img src="imagenotfound.gif" alt="Image not found" onError="this.src='imagefound.gif';" />

But how about if you are doing something like this, how can you catch if there is an error or if the image is not found?

<div style="background:url('myimage.gif')"></div>
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In case myimage.gif isn't transparent, you could use multiple backgrounds:

background: url('myimage.gif'), url('fallback.gif');

This way imagefound.gif will only be visible if myimage.gif isn't available.

Note that imagefound.gif will be downloaded even if myimage.gif is available.

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Yep, this somehow solved my problem! Thanks! –  Bono Mar 9 '14 at 21:08
This is nitpicky, but a better name for the second image would be imagenotfound.gif, since it is displayed when the first image is not available –  Ian Nov 13 '14 at 10:46

With background images, there is no event; you have check yourself.

Make an (XML)HTTP request, and if you get a response with an error status code or no response at all (after timeout), use another image resource. This approach is limited by the Same-Origin Policy.

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