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Good evening, I gave a read of documentation facebook about using Graph for tanning pages, I'm using Facebook SKD C #, but whenever I try to make the dog get an Exception token, stating that I must pass the token as parameter, but not documentation found in the way that I move Token, tried to generate a separate report and the parameter, but still giving this error.

 static void Main(string[] args)
           var _fb = new FacebookClient(); 
            //_fb.AppId = "AppId ";
            //_fb.AppSecret = "AppSecret ";

            dynamic g = _fb.Post("1499689193590424/likes", new
                access_token = getToken()

        public static string getToken()
            var fb = new FacebookClient();
            dynamic result = fb.Get("oauth/access_token", new
                client_id = "client_id ",
                client_secret = "client_secret ",
                grant_type = "client_credentials"
           return fb.AccessToken = result.access_token;


An unhandled exception of type 'Facebook.FacebookOAuthException' occurred in Facebook.dll

Additional information: (OAuthException - #102) A user access token is required to request this resource.

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