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Does anybody know how can I modify my Keynote App to add an URL Scheme? I have read a lot on internet that I have to enter on the info.plist of my Keynote App, but I don't know how to do that, and also I don't know how to add an URL Scheme to my Keynote App. Please, I really need your help. Thanks a lot

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From what I am reading, Keynote does not have a url scheme anymore? –  box86rowh Mar 10 at 1:48
Yeah, Keynote doesn't have a URL Scheme, that is why I'm asking how to modify the app, enter on the info.plist and HOW TO ADD an URL Scheme. –  manunez19 Mar 10 at 1:50
You can't modify an app (unless you are talking about a jailbroken environment). –  rmaddy Mar 10 at 3:01

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