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I have a window that has two subviews, and I'm trying to make any other windows owned by this application to not cover one of the subviews.

I tried many things to get it to work. As of now, my code looks like this:

-(void)windowDidMove:(NSNotification *)notification{
  NSWindow* window = [notification object];
  NSRect rect = [window frame];
  NSRect scr_rect = [[window screen] frame];
  bool reposition = false;

  NSRect mainmenu_rect = [[clientHandler->GetBrowser()->GetHost()->GetWindowHandle() superview] frame];

  long top_height = mainmenu_rect.size.height - appshell_extensions::getHeight(mainmenu_rect.size.height) + mainmenu_rect.origin.y;

  if(rect.origin.y + rect.size.height > top_height){
    rect.origin.y = top_height - rect.size.height;
    reposition = true;

    [window setFrameOrigin:rect.origin];

I also tried: long top_height = mainmenu_rect.origin.y

However, the it's a little bit off as shown below (the window cannot moved beyond that point... It should be up to where the blue background is...). What am I doing wrong to produce the wrong coordinates?

Window is not allowed to cover the top menu, but it is a bit off. It will forbid an area that is too greater than what it should be.

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