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Hey i had created a android music player application and everything was going great until i noticed every time i created a playlist and closed the application the playlist would not save because i never was.

i am using a hashmap so i can store the song name and the index it is belongs to. i have looked around on how to actually store a full hasmap or even an array list but couldnt find anything. i already know about the shared pref and am already saving some data there but is it possible if i can create a new file which will just store my playlist?

if you have any ideas or might have an example code that would be great.

thank you

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Look into the SharedPreferences.Editor.putStringSet method. You can store Sets, which is good for storing something like a music playlist

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try this below link.. Creating Playlist via code

ContentResolver contentResolver = Context.getContentResolver();
 //Get all the playlists
 Cursor playlist = contentResolver.query(
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