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I have these two search forms.

   <%= form_tag search_path, :method => :get do %>

     <%= text_field_tag :search, params[:search] %>
     <%= submit_tag "Search", :name => nil %>

  <% end %>

This upper one is functioning, and within the search_path action in the controller, I deal with all the searching. However, aesthetically, it doesn't fit in with the rest of the page. So I want to write the search bar in this form.

       <form class="navbar-search pull-right">  
            <input type="text" class="search-query" placeholder="Search"> 
            <%= form_tag questions_path, :method => :get do %>
            <%= submit_tag "search", :name => nil %> <%end%> 

So putting the form_tag in the middle of it doesn't work, which makes sense. But how do I incorporate the two?

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