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How do I add tabs in tabview in primefaces, dynamically, on click of a command button using ajax?

     <p:tabView id="tabview" dynamic="true" cache="false" 

        <p:tab title="tab1" closable="true">
            <h:outputLabel value="1"></h:outputLabel>
        <p:tab title="tab2" closable="true">
            <h:outputLabel value="2"></h:outputLabel>
        <p:tab title="tab3" closable="true">
            <h:outputLabel value="3"></h:outputLabel>

backing bean is

public class TestBean {

    TabView tabView;
    int id=0;

    public TestBean() {

    public String addTab() {

        String tabId="tab"+id;
        Tab tab = new Tab();
        tab.setTitle("Title: "+tabId);


        return "tabtest.jsf";

    public TabView getTabView() {
        return tabView;

    public void setTabView(TabView tabView) {
        this.tabView = tabView;

This is my backing bean. I am new to jsf and Primefaces. Kindly help. Thank you.

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In the method addTab() , you can add,

TabView tabView = new TabView();
Tab newTab = new Tab();            
newTab.setTitle("Tab Title");       

And you should update the view to reflect the new tab. Use RequestContext for ajax update.

RequestContext context = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance();  
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