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I created a custom project skeleton as a start for my django projects, hosted on a public repo at github.

Id like to use this as root folder for my new, public and privates projects, also hosted @github.

The problem is i cannot use this one as a submodule because as fas ar i know i cannot add submodules inside another submodules in the same git repo. and in my case i want to add submodules inside the skeleton folder.

As exercice, for a public projectB, i just created a branch of my skeleton but seems tricky as my projectB code is hosted inside the skeleton repo on a separate branch.

How would you do this in GIT ?

Also, any trick at github on how to create 'private branches' like from public repos ?

Thanks :)


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I've successfully created git repos whose submodules were branches in the same repo. I haven't tried this with sub-submodules though. To avoid sub-submodules, just dedicate a branch for your "prototype". Whenever you need a new project branch from this head.

PS: if you want a private branch on github, you need to become paying member. If you want private branches for cheap, just don't upload them to github.

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I created skeleton branches for a new project but how to use this as 'private' branch . (change the 'origin' to a new private repo?) I am github paying member, i can create private repos but not privates branches inside public repos. –  jujule Feb 9 '10 at 14:16
As soon as you start a new project from this skeleton branch, everything contained in it will become (public) history of the new project. I'm not quite understanding what you're trying to accomplish. –  David Schmitt Feb 10 '10 at 8:19
"If you want private branches for cheap, just don't upload them to github". Note that those are not really private. All the code will still be accessible, and easily found. –  Jordi Bunster Feb 10 '10 at 13:37
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I finally decided to have seperate public branches as skeletons then use private submodules to host private code.

this solution looks powerful and secure enough for me.

thanks for suggestions

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