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When I present a MPMediaPickerController in iOS7, the default tab is the Playlists tab.
How do I change the default tab to the Songs tab?
I have searched everywhere and I cannot find a solution, but I know it is possible because I see that other apps have done this.

Here is how I'm presenting the media picker controller:

- (void)showPicker {
    MPMediaPickerController *mediapicker = [[MPMediaPickerController alloc] initWithMediaTypes:MPMediaTypeAnyAudio];
    mediapicker.delegate = self;
    mediapicker.prompt = @"Select a song";
    [mediapicker setAllowsPickingMultipleItems:YES];
    [mediapicker setShowsCloudItems:YES];
    [self presentViewController:mediapicker animated:YES completion:nil]; 
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You can not change the default tab of the MPMediaPickerController, prior to iOS 7 the defaults tab of the MPMediaPickerController was songs tab, but in ios 7 they have changed it to playlist tab! The applications which you might have seen would have been running on ios 6 or less.

For more info you can check the apple's documentation which doesn't mention anything like this.

Sorry, It's not a regular UITabBarController.

It's a guess but can you try following, it might work changing the init with Media Type to MPMediaTypeMusic!

MPMediaPickerController *picker =
[[MPMediaPickerController alloc] initWithMediaTypes: MPMediaTypeMusic];
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The apps that do this are running on iOS 7, I just checked. –  thisiscrazy4 Mar 10 at 8:56
Then are you sure that it's MPMediaPickerController, because i have read the entire documentation, it no where touches upon setting the tabs programmatically. –  Harsh Mar 10 at 8:59
It looks just like one, but I can't tell for sure. Here's an app that does it, for example itunes.apple.com/us/app/alarm-clock-hd-free/id476555713?mt=8 –  thisiscrazy4 Mar 10 at 9:01
I have verified with another app and they are using an MPMediaPickerController and the default tab is the songs tab. –  thisiscrazy4 Mar 14 at 4:16
Can you add the code where you are adding it as a controller? It will be helpful! may be i can help you with this –  Harsh Mar 14 at 6:25

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