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The solution needs to work at least in Chrome. I would like to detect when a document is ready. But wait, is not only verify the document.readyStatus or document.onreadystatechange.

When I use XMLHttpRequest, for instance, the page is "processing" something. And I need get the exact moment when this process end and trigger a callback. The problem is that I don't have access to XMLHttpRequest implementation code. I can only check the document status, for instance.

So, for instance, if on page had 4 XMLHttpRequest running, and 3 had end, nothing have, yet. But after the last one stop to process, my callback is triggered.

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What? Are you talking about the main document or an XHR request? – Lior Mar 10 '14 at 8:55
About XHR, but I compared the feature to main document. But, basically, I need trigger a callback when all XHR is processed, and run it again if new is started and processed again. – David Rodrigues Mar 10 '14 at 8:57
Are the XHR's triggered by your code (or a 3rd party library for example) ? – ExpertSystem Mar 10 '14 at 11:35
3rd party, and read-only. Because of leak of unsafeWindow to Chrome Extensions I can't handle it directly. – David Rodrigues Mar 10 '14 at 13:04
Then I don't know of any (reliable way) of doing it :( – ExpertSystem Mar 10 '14 at 18:16

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