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I'm developing a project management system with Symfony2. I have a project which can have one or more categories (many2many relation). After generating the two entities, forms and controllers with symfony, I can create a new category and assign some projects to it (categoryproject/1/edit) but I can't do the oposit, means I can't assign categories to a project in my project edit form (every time when i choose some categories and press update the choosen fields get white again). How is that possible? Here is my code:

The project entity: Dbe\DDBundle\Entity\Project:

  targetEntity: Dbe\DDBundle\Entity\CategoryProject
  mappedBy: project

The categoryProject doctrine:

  targetEntity: Dbe\DDBundle\Entity\Project
  inversedBy: categoryProject
    name: ProjectToCategoryProject
        referencedColumnName: id
        nullable: false
        referencedColumnName: id
        nullable: false

Here is the query i get from the Symfony Toolbar: why is there a questionmark?

    SELECT AS id1, AS name2, 
  t0.description AS description3 
  CategoryProject t0 
  INNER JOIN ProjectToCategoryProject ON = ProjectToCategoryProject.category_project_id 
  ProjectToCategoryProject.project_id = ?

And here the add function:

 * Add categoryProject
 * @param \Dbe\DDBundle\Entity\CategoryProject $categoryProject
 * @return Project
public function addCategoryProject(\Dbe\DDBundle\Entity\CategoryProject $categoryProject)

    $this->categoryProjects[] = $categoryProject;

   // $this->categoryProject[] = $categoryProject;

    return $this;

Thanks in advance guys for your help!

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possible duplicate of Symfony2-Doctrine: ManyToMany relation is not saved to database – althaus Mar 10 '14 at 10:02
sadly this wasn't the solution, I added the SQL query + the addCategoryProject method to the question above. do you find some errors? – desperado Mar 10 '14 at 10:28

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Here is the solution, I made some error in reasoning :-)

    $entity = $em->getRepository('DbeddddBundle:Project')->findOneById($id);
    $comment = $em -> getRepository('DbeDddddBundle:Comment') -> findByProject($entity);
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