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I am submitting a form using Django. All things went well until I hit back button. This is the time IE displays "The wab page has expired. "

I have searched a lot, but can not find the exact concept to do it right.

  1. Open page with get request . /user/search/
  2. Post request with form data on the same page /user/search/
  3. [Optional] Either change params and POST
  4. Hit back button.

In both cases you will get webpage Expired. Please guide me how to make this work & avoid the error message?

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On completion of POST request on /user/search/ , redirect using HttpResponseRedirect OR redirect instead of reander_to_response or HttpResponse . –  Priyank Patel Mar 10 at 9:37
Look, i have my search results in Context_var = {'results': Objects.all()} If i Redirect it, who would i be able to get this info? I will loose this information right? Correct me if i am wrong –  Jack Mar 10 at 9:42
if you are trying to say somthing like this template = loader.get_template('project_list.html') context = RequestContext(request, {'key', val}) return HttpResponse(template.render(context)) I have tried it too. it didnt work. –  Jack Mar 10 at 9:52

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You shouldn't be using POST for search forms. POST is for actions that change data on the server. Use GET and you won't have this problem.

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Daniel, Can you please quote or cross reference this? POST is for actions that change data on the server GET has no problem at all, i was just curious about the issue. –  Jack Mar 10 at 10:30
Well, there are plenty of questions here at SO which talk about that: see for example this and this. –  Daniel Roseman Mar 10 at 11:09
Thanks ,,, I needed a ref. +1 –  Jack Mar 10 at 11:13

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