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I have problem with gsoap. I use Win7 64 and I'm codding in C++/Qt - Qt creator.

I'm beginner in QT but I can programming.

It's paqe with APi what I want to use


My main.cpp

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication a(argc, argv);

    AllegroWebApiBinding allegro = new AllegroWebApiBinding();

    Widget w;

    return a.exec();

What I did. I download WSDL from url http://webapi.allegro.pl/uploader.php?wsdl and I created file allegro.wsdl Next I used command:

wsdl2h.exe -s -d -o allegro.h allegro.wsdl

My cygwin console told me "success generated" and I got allegro.h file.

Next I used soapcpp2.exe by command:

./soapcpp2.exe allegro.h -I import -J

And I got many xml files and

  • AllegroWebApiBinding.nsmap
  • soapAllegroWebApiBindingProxy.cpp
  • soapAllegroWebApiBindingProxy.h
  • soapAllegroWebApiBindingService.cpp
  • soapAllegroWebApiBindingService.h
  • soapC.cpp
  • soapH.h
  • soapStub.h

So I insert all this file to project by click ( right ) on project and choice insert files Next I include like in QT documentation https://qt-project.org/wiki/How_to_use_gSOAP_with_Qt_for_Web_Service_Client

#include "C:/gsoap/bin/win32/soapStub.h"
#include "C:/gsoap/bin/win32/soapH.h"
#include "C:/gsoap/bin/win32/soapAllegroWebApiBindingProxy.h"
#include "C:/gsoap/bin/win32/AllegroWebApiBinding.nsmap"

#include "C:/gsoap/bin/win32/soapC.cpp"
#include "C:/gsoap/bin/win32/soapAllegroWebApiBindingProxy.cpp"

I do qmake and I try rebuild project. First error:

C:\gsoap\bin\win32\soapStub.h:14: błąd: stdsoap2.h: No such file or directory #include "stdsoap2.h"

So I change #include in soapStup.h from

#include "stdsoap2.h"


#include "C:/gsoap/stdsoap2.h"

And after this I have many warning like :

C:\gsoap\bin\win32\soapC.cpp:110598: ostrzeżenie: unused parameter 'type' [-Wunused-parameter]
 SOAP_FMAC3 ns1__ShowUserFeedbacks ** SOAP_FMAC4 soap_in_PointerTons1__ShowUserFeedbacks(struct soap *soap, const char *tag, ns1__ShowUserFeedbacks **a, const char *type)

And error

C:\gsoap\bin\win32\testowy\main.cpp:16: błąd: 'AllegroWebApiBinding' was not declared in this scope
     AllegroWebApiBinding allegro = new AllegroWebApiBinding();

Anyone can help me it's very important for me .

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