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I am trying to set up a web scraper using the drakma-async library, and am getting results which I don't understand. I am a noob when it comes to asynchronous programming.

To be more specific, I have the following code.

(defvar *req-list* nil)
(defvar *res-list* nil)

(defun create-http-future (uri)
  (let ((request (das:http-request uri)))
    (push request *res-list*)))

(push uri1 *req-list*)
(push uri2 *req-list*)
(push uri3 *req-list*)
(push uri4 *req-list*)
(push uri5 *req-list*)

(as:start-event-loop (lambda () 
 (dolist (i *req-list*) 
  (create-http-future i))))

uri(1-5) is to be replaced with a http url. I haven't included them here, since I am a new registrant and Stack Overflow won't let me include more than 2 links.

I expect this code to populate the *res-list* with the futures that are finished with the values of the http-requests. And for this to happen asynchronously.

What I get is a few futures that are finished, a few with up to 3 callbacks attached, a few that are forwarded, and a few that seem blank. I say 'few' because the result is different every time. A future that was finished the first time, might be forwarded the next time, and might seem blank the third time. The response seems to have no pattern.

I understand that the requests will be sent out in a non blocking fashion, i.e all the requests will be sent out and the resulting future pushed to the list, before the response arrives from the server. What I don't understand is why all the futures aren't being finished and why do they have a variable number of callbacks attached to them.

I would be very glad if someone could provide an explanation for this behavior.


I changed the way I was doing this, and started using callbacks. However I am still puzzled by the way the drakma-async library works.

        (lambda ()
           (das:http-request "http://reddit.com") 
           (lambda (x)
         (format t "callback fired")))))

The code above never fires the callback. If I inspect the future returned by the (das:http-request "http://reddit.com"), I see that it is unfinished and forwarded to another future, which is finished. Whether this is a bug or not, I can't say. But I am at a loss for how to use the drakma-async library.

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