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I'm on ubuntu, I've had wordpress and mysql installed for a while but I need to edit some tables and I've gone into mysql, used show databases; but I can't see the wordpress db.

Surely there is a database else wordpress wouldn't be working, so where is it? Why isn't mysql showing it?

What I've been doing so far is.

CLI > mysql > SHOW DATABASES; > only two databases appear, test and information_schema

I've had problems logging into phpmyadmin too, I've entered the username and password in my wp-config but I can't seem to get in.

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I'm guessing your issue is that you didn't specify the wordpress user and password on the command line, you connected as a default anonymous user that exists in ubuntu for some reason, but don't have access to the wordpress database. Note that you won't be able to even see the database in that case.

If I were you, I'd try a command like this:

mysql -u <user> -p <database>

where is the wordpress user and it's database from the config. You will be prompted for the password.

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Ahhh, you're right. – UzumakiDev Mar 10 '14 at 13:34

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