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I have a pay app on the app store, and I release a new version of the app but I change the price from free to 0.99.

I want to know what happend for the people that initially download the app for free and now is pay. They can download the new version for free or they have to pay for the update?

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I think they will be able to download it for free, as they already have the application. Though the people who do not have the application already will have to pay. I am looking at in a gaming perspective, there are a lot of beta games that are free for the beta users when they game gets released, but costs money for regular users. I hope it made sense.

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You can change the price of an app at any time. Existing user still own the app, means: Once a user downloaded an app they are allowed to download any further update too, independent how much user has paid for it.

For you app: Existing users which got the app for free will be able to re-download the app as often they want and will be able to download new updates too. New users will need to pay the price which is set at the moment when they want to download the app.

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