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I'd like to ask about how exactly the BackgroundWorker works. I have two tasks:

  • Create a receipt and print it using a fiscal printer
  • Save the receipt to a database

For some reason, it seems like it sometimes doesn't work and BackgroundWorker doesn't finish (or cannot close fiscal priter port).


BackgroundWorker bw2 = new BackgroundWorker();
bw2.DoWork += (sender, e) =>
    bool result = printReceipt.print(parameters);

    using(SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(myConnString)
        using (SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("DECLARE @token uniqueidentifier; " +
                                                                   "EXEC usp_AsyncExecInvoke @procedureName = N'CreateDocument' " (...)

        cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("printed", result == true ? 1 : 0);

In printRceipt.print there is method which opens the port, prints the receipt and closes the port. As I said, for some reason, sometimes (maybe when procedure took too long?) it doesn't complete these tasks. Eventually the port goes into a 'sleep' state (or something like that) and I need to restart the application.

What would be best way to do this? Maybe I should use two BackgroundWorkers (the first to print, the second to save to the DB - but how do I capture my boolean result value then?)

Thanks for any help!

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what is: sing? –  Max Mar 10 at 13:27
Don't close the port. The MSDN article for SerialPort.Close() specifically warns about this. Also quite easy to trigger deadlock if the DataReceived event handler is using Invoke(). Your snippet is quite inadequate. –  Hans Passant Mar 10 at 13:30
Please, format your question, remove typo's and format code to look "attractive". –  Max Mar 10 at 13:31
@user13657 And we're telling you that the code is important. If you aren't willing to provide enough to diagnose the problem, then we can't help you. –  Servy Mar 10 at 14:22
Your problem seems to be on the print method. If you don't provide us the code, we cant help you, sorry. –  Marciano.Andrade Mar 10 at 14:27

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