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I am needing to average a column that is characters and not integers. For example clients order two ways from my company...phone and internet. I am being asked to get a percentage of how they all order.

Cust |  OrderType
A    |  Phone
A    |  Phone
A    |  Phone
A    |  Internet
B    |  Internet
B    |  Internet
B    |  Phone

How can I pull this data and show my managers that Customer A orders by phone 80% of the time and Internet 20% of the time and Customer B orders by phone 66% of the time and Internet 33% of the time?

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SUM(CASE WHEN OrderType = 'Phone' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) * 100 / COUNT(*)  'Phone percentage',
SUM(CASE WHEN OrderType = 'Phone' THEN 0 ELSE 1 END) * 100 / COUNT(*) 'Internet percentage'
FROM Table1 
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Sorry, it was an error in my answer. I have updated it. Also you can check my query here sqlfiddle.com/#!6/551d8/9 –  Avt Mar 10 at 14:09
This worked...kind of. After each line it gives me a total of 100% instead of giving me a percentage of all of the lines for a customer put together. –  user3394606 Mar 10 at 15:40
Sorry can not understand you. Can you update your question with example how it works? –  Avt Mar 10 at 15:42
Cust | Column_1 | Phone | Internet<br/> A Phone 100 0<br/> A Phone 100 0<br/> B Phone 0 100<br/> B Phone 100 0<br/> These aren't the actual results but this is what I am getting –  user3394606 Mar 10 at 15:55
Ahhhhh...nevermind. I figured it out. My issue is that I was also pulling an order number. Took that out and the percentages are correct. Thanks! –  user3394606 Mar 10 at 16:09

You basically want the total number of orders divided by the count of each type of order.

create table #tmp (Cust CHAR(1), OrderType VARCHAR(10))

INSERT #tmp VALUES ('A', 'Phone')
INSERT #tmp VALUES ('A', 'Phone')
INSERT #tmp VALUES ('A', 'Phone')
INSERT #tmp VALUES ('A', 'Internet')
INSERT #tmp VALUES ('B', 'Internet')
INSERT #tmp VALUES ('B', 'Internet')
INSERT #tmp VALUES ('B', 'Phone')

     (1.0 * COUNT(*)) / (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM #tmp t2 WHERE t2.Cust = t.Cust) pct,
     cast(cast(((1.0 * COUNT(*)) / (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM #tmp t2 WHERE t2.Cust = t.Cust) ) * 100 as int) as varchar) + '%' /* Formatted as a percent */
FROM #tmp t
GROUP BY Cust, OrderType
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This would be great except that I can't create temp tables in the database. I guess I could but my manager would not like it. –  user3394606 Mar 10 at 14:41

Try This sql below

Data Example (this data is kept in a temporary table @temp)

Cust  OrderType
----- --------------------------------------------------
A     Phone
A     Phone
A     Phone
A     internet
B     internet
B     internet
B     internet
B     Phone


select Cust, OrderType, count(orderType)as float)*100/cast((select count(cust) 
from @temp where cust= a.cust) as Percentage from @temp a
group by cust,OrderType  


Cust  OrderType                                          Percentage
----- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
A     internet                                           25
A     Phone                                              75
B     internet                                           75
B     Phone                                              25

Note: To Create @temp

Declare @temp table
 Cust nvarchar(5),
 OrderType nvarchar(50)

insert into @temp values
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