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I am Trying to load data in redis server from ycsb load data command. It is working Fine with 1 Million records but when am trying to load more data like 250 million records then it is running for some time and after that it show error in loading by giving following exception. Can anybody suggest where am going wrong ?

Am getting following error :

redis.clients.jedis.exceptions.JedisConnectionException: Read timed out at redis.clients.jedis.Protocol.process( at at redis.clients.jedis.Connection.getIntegerReply( at redis.clients.jedis.Jedis.zadd( at at at at


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You should post the relevant extract of your code to expect some help. – Pascal Le Merrer Mar 10 '14 at 13:46
[link]… This is where you can find the client code for redis which YCSB uses for loading and running the workloads – user1802481 Mar 10 '14 at 13:53
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It sounds like the problem is a timeout. It's not surprising considering the huge workload you defined.

You could try to modify the way YCSB connects to Redis, to add a longer timeout than the default one.

In, replace

jedis = new Jedis(host, port);


jedis = new Jedis(host, port, TIMEOUT);

With TIMEOUT being an integer. The default value in Jedis is 2000, which I assume means 2 seconds.

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Thanks alot it Solved My Problem I made changes in the Redis Client n I was good to go :) – user1802481 Mar 11 '14 at 9:01

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