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If server side: how can we connect to the database?

I was using it in client side, but can it also be used server side?

If it cannot be used server side should I use php or nodejs (I need to design a website which has a huge data bandwidth)?

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AngularJS is a client-side JavaScript framework - use it with whatever you feel more comfortable with on the server. –  tymeJV Mar 10 at 13:47

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It is purely client side.

If server side how can we connect to databases.

You either use a client side database or you get the data from the server using an appropriate protocol (typically this would be a web service accessed via Ajax).

if not used in server side which one is better php or nodejs..( i need to design a website which uses huge data and bandwidth..)

"Better" without lots of measurable requirements is highly subjective.

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Angular JS is a client side JavaScript framework for data binding. etc..

You can use Node JS for your server side operations along with Angular JS.

or Any other server side languages like PHP, Java, Etc...

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Angular JS only works on the client-side. From my experience, I have found that it works best wih NodeJS (and in particular the ExpressJS framework) but any other server-side language could do.

AFAIK NodeJs makes it easier to manage big data.

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