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Iam currently developping a unix application in c++ using gtkmm as my gui package. In this gui there is a nice treeview.

I want to set the activation of the rows in the treeview only on double click. There is a function for that called:


However, if I want to call this function like so:

Gtk::TreeView *treeview = Gtk::manage(new Gtk::TreeView);

The code does not compile. I get an error like this:

error: ‘class Gtk::TreeView’ has no member named ‘set_activate_on_single_click’

It seems like SOME of the treeview's methods can get called, but others cannot. Does anyone have an idea why? Thanks in advance.

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Nevermind, I was using gtkmm 3.4 instead of gtkmm 3.8. Those small details can be pretty nagging

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