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I'm doing a "Recycle bin" type script, I have it all done however if a file already exists where I try to restore the file I want it to let the user choose a new name for the file to be restored as, I have the full path the file was deleted from in variable $F1 I just dont know how I go about changing the file name here


TRASHCAN ="/home/alihassan/Desktop/Trashcan"
F1=$( grep "$1" storage.txt )
if [ -f $F1 ]
    then echo "File already exists at the restore location, please enter a new filename"
    read ANS
    mv "home/alihassan/Desktop/Trashcan/$1" "$F1/$    #ISSUE IS HERE
    mv "/home/alihassan/Desktop/Trashcan/$1" "$F1"
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basename "$F1" is what you need. –  devnull Mar 10 '14 at 14:09
But when I go to move it to its original directory I move to $F1, how to I append the filename to $ANS –  user1872493 Mar 10 '14 at 14:15
For instance the grep line returns a variable with a full path such as /home/alihassan/Desktop/pie, I just want the change the end of that path –  user1872493 Mar 10 '14 at 14:16
Don't forget that the trash might contain five copies of a file named, for example, makefile that came from three different source directories. Do you want to check that the alternative name doesn't exist before you restore to it? –  Jonathan Leffler Mar 10 '14 at 14:22

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On the face of it, you might be after:

mv "$TRASHCAN/$1" $(dirname "$F1")/"$ANS"

This preserves the original path from $F1 for all except the last component, and then uses the answer in place of the last component.

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Use parameter expansion to find the original directory:

read ANS
mv "home/alihassan/Desktop/Trashcan/$1" "${F1%/*}/$ANS"

As Jonathan commented about, there is nothing stopping you from "restoring" a file on top of an existing file, overwriting it. You might want to test for the existence of the restore location before performing that mv, eg:

while read ANS; do
    if [ ! -f "${F1%/*}/$ANS" ]; then
        mv "home/alihassan/Desktop/Trashcan/$1" "${F1%/*}/$ANS"
        echo "File already exists - please choose another name"
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