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Situation: I have build up an application in JAVA that runs over a LAN on a PC that we use as a server. This PC is dedicated to this application and has a fairly good configuration (core-i 7 with 8 GB RAM). My app is aimed to :

  • Store data for a huge file manipulation project (around 12 million files 200 KB each) in its database (MySQL).
  • Server PC acts as a database server also, and nearly 20 pc's, interacts with database all the day long.
  • Project process is consists of multiple stages. For each stage there are separate folders, that this software moves the files to over network on a separate storage server of size 16 TB.
  • The network cable between server PC and storage server is a GIGA cable while the other network cables are normal ones.
  • In this process everyday up to 60,000 new files are generated, and 100,000 records are inserted in the database and at the end of the day my app sends a mail report to the client.

Problem: Our client has asked us to provide a mechanism to identify files with the same name, and submit them in seperately. I can not rely on the database records, since over different stages, users delete or modify the files. Also from the other hand I need to think about the time. The process of duplicate check is to be done everyday before sending the report. My prefered solution is to use a Java and/or MySQL based solution. I tried:

  • Searching and indexing all files from storage server, but I changed my mind when the program was running for three hours and was still going on.
  • Also database is to accept the duplicate names, so I can not put unique constraint on it, I can not make another column as file count and put a unique constraint on file names, since it slows down data enteries (they use insert batch). I do not want to create another table to keep the unique file names for this purpose only, since it is redundency.
  • Mutli tasking tried.

Question: What is the best solution in Java/MySQL to check for files with the same name over huge amount of files/folders, over a busy network in minimum amount of time, considering in mind that already entered database records are not accurate?

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Are your machines/servers all Linux or Windows? –  Mark Setchell Mar 10 at 15:36
Our machines are all windows. –  Musa Mar 11 at 5:09
Do you mean files with duplicated names? Or files with duplicated content?I mean you could have two files called fred in different folders with totally different content, is that what you want to identify? Or you could have two files called a and b that both contain the same PowerPoint presentation. –  Mark Setchell Mar 11 at 9:38
Have you set some limits to the number of files in each directory. Windows gets horribly slow with too many files in a directory? Also, have you lumped all your disks together in one massive RAID on your storage server, or split your filesystem up into indepenedent chunks to improve performance? –  Mark Setchell Mar 11 at 9:42
Files are spread in folders of 300 to 350 files. Size of each file is limited to 100 kb to 400 kb. Each file has a name of 9 chars, and the first two chars of all files in each folder is the same. It is possible that two different files with different contents have the same exact name and ".JPG" extension. Making an indexing table in database is a suggestion by team. Also all the files is on one single RAID on storage server. –  Musa Mar 11 at 11:56

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