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Reading this nice page in Creative Commons I see that there is some Meta available to set your licenses in your sites.

But when trying to find in different blogs, sites, etc, I usually can't find any evidence of which license they are using for their articles.

Do you guys know how to effectively get that information (without asking the owner of course!)

I think either nobody cares about licensing or I'm not looking correctly.


thanks in advanced!!

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  • it’s not mentioned on the page, and
  • it’s not mentioned in the markup (i.e., in the head or "hidden" with RDFa/Microdata), and
  • it’s not mentioned in the HTTP headers, and
  • it’s not mentioned on some other page of the same website,

well, then there probably is no license. (Or the publisher forgot to include it.)

You might want to look especially for:

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Thanks unor! This is a good summary of things to find, I'll take them into account, however it's amazing how this is not entirely standardized or used. One comment on yours.. the footer/small element could contain anything may be i wasn't explicit enough in the comment but my idea is to search those metas programatically, in which case scanning footer/small seems ambiguous, but certainly a place to look for keyworkds like "copyright" or "license".. thanks again!! –  pepepapa82 Mar 11 '14 at 14:07

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