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I followed closely the rabbitmq clustering documentation on the site but failed for a full day to generate a cluster on EC2.
I frequently got

The nodes provided are either offline or not running

(Though I had a telnet and my cookie was the same).

Eventually I solved it by recording the TCP communication (upon join_cluster command) and reading it )

I saw that after the triple handshake when the first node connects to the second,
a packet contains a new port is transferred

enter image description here

So, I really don't know what it is but I tried to open it in my security group
(The firewall is down anyhow, but I need to update the port in EC2 Security Group)
and finally after a lot of trials it worked.

My questions :
1. What is this port.
2. Is it a random port? How do I set it so I can control it?
3. Was I missing it in the clustering guide? It is kinda important. I couldnt find any document related to the rabbitmq clustering and this port.

  1. I did find some stuff regarding clustering erlang. and it mentioned setting inet_dist_listen_min and inet_dist_listen_max. Is this it?
  2. I need to set it using

    application:set_env(kernel, inet_dist_listen_min, 9100). application:set_env(kernel, inet_dist_listen_max, 9105).

How do I run configure this lines? Thanks.

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