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I have a WinDataGrid class that extends from an Infragistics UltraGrid. I have embedded my WinDataGrid within a WPF usercontrol using WindowsFormHost. When rows are selected, I need to invoke a predefined DelegateCommand<IList> with my collection of selected rows.

How would I go about this?

As background, I have a WPF app that uses both a WPF DataGrid and an Infragistics WinGrid. The WPF grid is already mostly wired up, and I want to utilize the existing commands etc as much as possible in wiring up my Winforms grid. I realise there may be some mapping required, but figure I should be able to map most things?

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If DelegateCommand is an ICommand you can call the Execute() method to invoke the command. Don't forget to first check if the command is allowed to execute with CanExecute()

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