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I noticed in this image from the Kiln site that the repositories are named stable, qa and devel. Is there any reasoning behind this? Or is there a better/different way that's more accepted?

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The Kiln Stackexchange site has been shut down & replaced by help documentation on their main website. The help page on this subject describes 2 structures, one more appropriate for applications that have a single live version (e.g. web-based), and another structure which is appropriate for applications that may have multiple versions live in the field. –  Andy May Dec 12 '13 at 17:07

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Have a read of this post on the Kiln StackExchange site which explains why they use stable and devel. It also suggests other ways of structuring your repositories.

We keep a devel and stable repository. New features go into devel and eventually get merged forward to stable, while bug fixes go into stable and get merged back into devel.

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