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I want to have multiple markers but I want something like:

getUserFromCache(userid) {
  LOG.trace(MyMarkers.CACHE_READ, "getting user {} from cache", userid)

storeUserInCache(user) {
  // Somehow i want that if I define in logback.xml CACHE_WRITE in TRACE
  // would print to console only CACHE_WRITE markers operations and if i
  // define in logback.xml CACHE would print to log both cache reads and writes 
  // or in otherwords hierarchical markers, I find this a pretty basic use case
  // so would like to know if there is already anything like this out of the box. 
  // I would probably have a much deeper markers hierarchy in a real app...
  LOG.trace(MyMarkers.CACHE_WRITE, "writing user {} to cache", user)
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