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I'm having an issue with multi_field mapping type in one of my indexes and I am not sure what the issue is. I use a very similar mapping in another index and I don't have these issues. ES version is 90.12

I have set this up I have a mapping that looks like this:

    "settings": {
        "index": {
            "number_of_shards": 10,
            "number_of_replicas": 1
    "mappings": {
        "production": {
            "properties": {
                "production_title": {
                    "type": "multi_field",
                    "fields": {
                        "production_title_edgengram": {
                            "type": "string",
                            "index": "analyzed",
                            "index_analyzer": "autocomplete_index",
                            "search_analyzer": "autocomplete_search"
                        "production_title": {
                            "type": "string",
                            "index": "not_analyzed"

The .yml looks like this:

    dynamic: true
        tokenizer: keyword
        filter: ["lowercase", "autocomplete_ngram"]
        tokenizer: keyword
        filter: lowercase
        tokenizer: keyword
        filter: ["ngram_filter"]
        tokenizer: keyword
        filter: lowercase
        type: edgeNGram
        min_gram: 1
        max_gram: 15
        side: front
        type: nGram
        min_gram: 2
        max_gram: 8

So doing this:

curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/productionindex/production/_search' -d '
{"sort": [{"production_title": "asc"}],"size":1}'


curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/productionindex/production/_search' -d '
{"sort": [{"production_title": "desc"}],"size":1}'

I end up with the exact same result somewhere in the middle of the alphabet:

"production_title": "IL, 'Hoodoo Love'"

However, if I do this:

{ "query" : { "term" : { "production_title" : "IL, 'Hoodoo Love'" } } }

I get zero results.

Furthermore, if I do this:

{"query": {"match": {"production_title_edgengram": "Il"}}}

I also get zero results.

If I don't use multi_field and I separate them out, I can then search on them fine, (term and autocomplete) but I still can't sort.

While indexing I am only sending production_title when indexing multi_field.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?

Below please find the explain (last result only for brevity)

    }, {
      "_shard" : 6,
      "_node" : "j-D2SYPCT0qZt1lD1RcKOg",
      "_index" : "productionindex",
      "_type" : "production",
      "_id" : "casting_call.productiondatetime.689",
      "_score" : null, "_source" : {"venue_state": "WA", "updated_date": "2014-03-10T12:08:13.927273", "django_id": 689, "production_types": [69, 87, 89], "production_title": "WA, 'Footloose'"},
      "sort" : [ null ],
      "_explanation" : {
        "value" : 1.0,
        "description" : "ConstantScore(cache(_type:audition)), product of:",
        "details" : [ {
          "value" : 1.0,
          "description" : "boost"
        }, {
          "value" : 1.0,
          "description" : "queryNorm"
        } ]
    } ]

from this curl:

curl -XPOST 'http://localhost:9200/productionindex/production/_search?pretty=true&explain=true' -d '{"query":{"match_all":{}},"sort":[{"production_title":{"order":"desc"}}]}
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This all seems to work. See gist.github.com/clintongormley/9483845. While you've presented a lot of useful information, formatting it as something that we can run from beginning to end (as in my gist example) makes it easier to spot where you've gone wrong. –  DrTech Mar 11 at 11:20
@DrTech Here is a gist that fails: gist.github.com/eire1130/eedf88c0b9fce6362746 –  James R Mar 11 at 16:37
The problem is your badly formatted geopoint: "venue_location": { "location": { "lat": 27.4011673, "lon": -82.3994214 } }, The extra location shouldn't be there. However, ES should complain instead of just ignoring the fields following that bad geopoint. I've opened an issue: github.com/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/issues/5390 –  DrTech Mar 11 at 17:28
@DrTech Great thank you. Sort still seems wonky based on a match_all (first results begin with an O for desc and an H for asc. There are A's and V's in the index. I would assume that it should be sorting by alpha? –  James R Mar 11 at 17:45
Your gist is gone now, but simplify the problem - makes it easier to reason about it. Also the value that is sorted on is returned in the sort parameter, which should help you to figure it out. –  DrTech Mar 11 at 17:56

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