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I am plotting a depth image (RGBD) as a scatter graph, using scatter3(x,y,z) in matlab.

How can I set a colormap on the scatter3 plot where the color is dependent on the z-value?


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Do you actually want a 3D-Visuasation?

Then use scatter3 as follows:


where [] can be any number specifying the size of your circles, otherwise the default 36 is used.

If you just want to use z as definition for the color, use the simple scatter


you can set the colormap as usual:



[X,Y,Z] = sphere(16);
x = [0.5*X(:); 0.75*X(:); X(:)];
y = [0.5*Y(:); 0.75*Y(:); Y(:)];
z = [0.5*Z(:); 0.75*Z(:); Z(:)];


enter image description here

More information in the documentation.

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Perfect, thanks! I will accept as soon as I can –  Aly Mar 10 at 17:47

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