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I made a simple REST API bundle with Symfony 2 and now i want to use ember.js as a client. I made a new bundle for it (ClientBundle). Where should i put the js files? Into

  • the ClientBundle/Resources folder under public/js?
  • app/web under public folder
  • somewhere else

what is the best practice / your favourite folder structure?

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We put the client JS under Bundle/Resources/public/ and have a separate frontend and backend bundle. We just published a sample distro to show how this is organized here:

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The best practice is to put the client code into a separate repository and use JS specific tools for its development.

Just because you can put them into a single repository doesn't mean you should. Imagine what a mess that repository will become if/when you add other clients like Android, iOS, and so on.

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If you intend the ClientBundle to be reusable across different projects you may have, you are best served by placing the files into the ClientBundle\Resources\public\js folder.

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