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below is the question: Suppose in DirA I have these files:


and in DirB I have below files:


Now If i Have to make a script which tells me the diffrence between the two directorie (in this case it is file4 missing in dirB) and so also copies the file in DirB, what would be the commands?

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This will show a brief summary of the differences:

diff -rq dir1 dir2

It will tell if a file exists in only one of the directories, or if a file exists in both directories with different content it will tell that they are different. In your example it would go something like:

$ diff -rq dir1 dir2
Only in dir1: file4

If you want to see more details, drop the -q flag (it stands for "quiet").

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thanks very much –  user3403309 Mar 10 '14 at 20:37
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