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My .NET 3.5 WPF application has started showing a bunch (14) of the the following warning (with different dlls):

Referenced assembly 'C:\WINDOWS\assembly\GAC_32\Microsoft.TeamFoundation
targets a different processor than the application.

I am running on a 32 bit machine. The only project in my solution is set to compile to "Any CPU". (A rebuild all does not fix it.)

I would rather not recreate my solution. Does anyone else know another fix/workaround for this issue?

NOTE: I am using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Windows XP 32 bit.

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Haven't seen that one specifically but the download samples for C++ by default build for Itanium - did you install the wrong version of those libs?

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I should have specified, but I am using C# and WPF. (Not C++) An my code is not a sample download but something I made. –  Vaccano Feb 9 '10 at 22:07
Yes but did you download/select the correct TeamFoundation SDK - did you somehow get the Itanium one? –  Martin Beckett Feb 9 '10 at 23:19

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