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I configure lombok in eclipse Luna with Maven. Annotation is added properly, but no getter and setter are generated.


`-vm E:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_60\bin`
`-javaagent:F:\Tools\Java Lib\Lombok\lombok.jar`
`-Xbootclasspath/a:F:\Tools\Java Lib\Lombok\lombok.jar`
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The link jnb.ociweb.com/jnb/jnbJan2010.html at lombok website is nice tutorial –  alokj Oct 29 '14 at 19:03

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Disclosure: I am one of the lombok developers. I might be biased :-)

I strongly suggest installing Lombok via executing the lombok jar: java -jar lombok.jar The spaces in the path might be a problem.

Also, you'll need to use lombok version 1.14.8 (or higher) to have Luna support.

Please check in the About Eclipse screen if lombok is installed correctly.

See also Cannot make Project Lombok work on Eclipse (Helios)

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Lombok 1.14.4 is working fine at Eclipse Luna and Eclipse Mars. But it was not working at Eclipse Kepler. –  alokj Sep 12 '14 at 20:35
Awesome command: $java -jar lombok.jar –  SSun Apr 25 at 21:43

I have met with the exact same problem. And it turns out that the configuration file generated by gradle asks for java1.7.
While my system has java1.8 installed.

After modifying the compiler compliance level to 1.8. All things are working as expected.

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if you're on windows, make sure you 'unblock' the lombok.jar before you install it. if you don't do this, it will install but it wont work.

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For Integrattion with ECLIPSE LUNA in Windows 7 please foollow the below steps, Download the jar -> lombok-1.14.6.jar. Using command prompt go to java installed directory and type java -jar ${your_jar_path}\lombok-1.14.6.jar. Here ${your_jar_path} is your lombok-1.14.6.jar jar store directory. After this it will prompt for Eclipse already installed in your system and you need to select where you want to integrate. After this you need to open eclipse.ini file and make entry below -vmargs as -Xbootclasspath/a:lombok.jar -javaagent:lombok.jar Start your eclipse now and create a Maven project and make entry in pom.xml as mentioned below:


After this your are ready to write your code and check it. Without @DATA annotation it looks like: enter image description here With @DATA annotation it looks like: enter image description here

An example i ran the command

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_75>java -jar C:\Users\Shareef-VM.m2\repository\o rg\projectlombok\lombok\1.14.8\lombok-1.14.8.jar

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If you are in Windows, please select "run as administrator" for the command prompt for executing the java app (ie: for executing java -jar ${your_jar_path}\lombok-1.14.6.jar).

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Why should that work for him? –  Alexander Apr 20 at 7:32

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