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I'm using php for my new project which is quite large. I feel the need to employ namespaces.

I have read many docs on it, but am confused practically about. Here is the scenario:

I have defined the following namespace and class:

namespace urlNS;

class URL 
// content of the class

And then in another file, I want to define a class in the same namespace (urlNS) and also extend the URL class (which is a subset of urlNS namespace), and to do this, I have done:

namespace urlNS:

class Inc extends urlNS\url
// content 

Now, I wanted to make use of a defined namespace twice (or even more), did I do it in a right way?

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Base class definition:

namespace urlNS;

class URL {}


namespace urlNS;

class Inc extends URL {}


$url = new urlNS\URL();
$suburl = new urlNS\Inc();

Or with use keyword:

use urlNS\URL;

$url = URL();
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thanks very very much. – Mostafa Talebi Mar 10 '14 at 22:07

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