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I have an app that displays maps. The maps large and are broken down into chunks for display.

I have drawRect method that draws that arranges the map segments in the view and rotate them so that the line of longitude through the center of the screen is vertical. (There are not tot mercator).

This seems to work fine zoomed in, when only 1-4 images are displayed.

When you zoom out, things naturally slow down as hundreds of images need to be positioned and displayed.

I'd like to give a visual queue that things the system is busy. The obvious problem about using a UIProgressView or UIActivityIndicator view is that their thread would not get processed.

What then would be the best way to show things are in progress while drawing something else?

(I have for loop that goes through the available images and determines whether an image should actually be drawn and draw those images.)

I have seen some examples here and other places of using threads to display progress while doing pure processing. My concern is what to do while drawing.

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