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I have been having trouble copying text from a rich text box to the windows clipboard in a C# windows application. Using the following code results in the selected text being deleted, and also not copied to the clipboard:




produced the same result. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I think you will need to provide some more details around your code, because I just created a simple application with a rich text box and used the SetText method you mentioned above and all worked perfectly (I had to select the text first of course). –  rfernandes Mar 10 at 22:47
You can just call Input_Box.Copy(), of course.. –  Blorgbeard Mar 10 at 22:47
@MikaelDúiBolinder: You need to go try that code out before you post more. –  Dan-o Mar 10 at 23:25

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I think If you need to copy entire text in the rich textbox to clipboard you may try this..


If you need to copy some selected text to clip board you can use


And if you try the second one you may need to select some text from the textbox before copy.Otherwise you may get an exception.

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In Winforms:



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