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assume I have focus on BrokerSyncMasteredRecord.cc. I want to fast copy BrokerSyncMasteredRecord.cc to the left by one stroke(like some hotkeys). the final state in pic 2. Currently, I can only use C-x b and type in a few chars of the buffer name. this is very slow.

NOTE: this should not be another opened replica buffer(e.g., BrokerSyncMasteredRecord.cc[replicated], you know what i mean if you are a emacs user) but exact the same buffer, just show in two different windows

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Doesn't C-x 3 or C-x 2what you want? –  user2053036 Mar 11 at 1:38

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I'll just quote the Emacs tutorial (f1 t) for you:


One of the nice features of Emacs is that you can display more than
one window on the screen at the same time.  (Note that Emacs uses the
term "frames"--described in the next section--for what some other
applications call "windows".  The Emacs manual contains a Glossary of
Emacs terms.)

>> Move the cursor to this line and type C-l C-l.

>> Now type C-x 2 which splits the screen into two windows.
   Both windows display this tutorial.  The editing cursor stays in
   the top window.

This basic tutorial is just 1000 lines, almost small enough to use as a capcha for asking questions about Emacs:)

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