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I have a camel route which is supposed to consume a JMS message from a topic and invoke a spring bean. Route definition


My question is that where is the xml read and where can i access it, not sure how to pass it to my service method consumeJMSMessage() which currently takes no arguments?

Appreciate any help on this.

Regards, Rahul

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As specified in from clause; you are using myMessageConverter bean. Camel looks up the specified bean from spring application context. This bean needs to implement the MessageConverter interface. So if you need to customize conversion of JMS message to XML dom then you need to implement a bean implementing this interface.

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So you are saying that i should add this conversion logic to fromMessage() and return an xml? basically what i want to do is to unmarshal this xml to a java bean in my service layer so the confusion is how to access this message contents in my service layer using camel route syntax? –  rahul pasricha Mar 11 at 13:50
Yes, now the XML shall be available in the body of camel exchange. Use the parameter binding annotations to get handle of XML. So your method in service shall look like consumeJMSMessage(@Body Document message) –  Hussain Pirosha Mar 11 at 13:58
Thanks, let me try this option. –  rahul pasricha Mar 11 at 18:04
it worked, thanks. –  rahul pasricha Mar 11 at 22:37

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