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So I'm looking to integrate a Discourse forum with the same authentication as the main app (Devise). It would be and A lot like codeschool and hummingbird has going.

I saw another SO Question that was asked a year ago and wondering if there have been any improvments/ideas on doing this.

A user would sign up at and be automatically signed in to using their devise user details to fill discourse user fields.

As a fairly new ruby/rails developer It's a bit hard wrapping my head around what to do, although I suspect it starts at carrying a session cookie over from to

Wondering if this has become easier to do over the past year and if anyone can steer me in the right direction for implementing this.

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Discourse now supports Single Sign On to integrate Discourse users with the main website now. Official documentation here:

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First of all which url to hit from our existing rails app so that payload can be sent? – kamal Feb 9 at 8:08
You should explore the documents and the discourse source code. Shouldn't be too difficult to find out. – Gogu Feb 9 at 12:40

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