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I am appending a variable from an input to a li. I want to trim the P <p class="layer' + count + '"> '+ Xia2 +'</p> text to a number of 15 characters and not trim the SPAN, witch uses the same Xia2 variabile. I can probably create 2 variabiles for this...

How can this be done? I've tried several ways trying the $(this).val(text.substr(0, 5));

Here is my append code:

Xia2 = $(this).val();
$("#detailes ul").append('<li class="n' + count + '"><input class="layer' + count + '" type="checkbox"><input class="lock ' + count + '" type="checkbox"><input class="del ' + count + '" type="checkbox"><p class="layer' + count + '"> '+ Xia2 +'</p></li>');
$('<span id="layer' + count + '">'+ Xia2 +'</span>').appendTo('#selectable1');

Thank you.

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You are close. you should be able to use




depending on how you want to implement it

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Thanx a lot your code did it! All the best! – Mircea Feb 9 '10 at 18:54

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