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This is possibly a duplicate of this question (Avoiding Compiler warnings on code generated by xjc) but since I am not very well versed in XJC/JAXB custom bindings idiosyncrasies, I'll presume I may have misunderstood the mentioned question.

My question seems simple enough - how can I add @SuppressWarnings("all") annotation to generated JAXB class? We have 0 warning policy on our project and after JAXB generation step, we end up with 350+ warnings which are just terrible noise.

I would expect either a simple flag on the XJC or at least an easy way to provide such info but I cannot find any.

From what I've seen in my travels, people do one of these things:

  1. Annox plugin from Atlassian's JAXB2 Basics framework/project (according to examples, seems to do the job but to add a whole framework and hundreds of kB of code just to add simple annotation to a bunch of classes? Really??),
  2. Custom JAXB bindings (I may be mistaken but this seems very arcane and I am not fully sure if it were event possible to do it this way),
  3. Custom ANT target which will do a search-and-replace post-JAXB generation,
  4. Eclipse 4+ seems to have an option to filter out warnings on selected projects but for various historical/legacy reasons we're stuck on Eclipse 3.7.2 (Indigo).

Formerly, we dealt with this by shoving the XML-related code in a separate Eclipse project and then disabling the warnings/errors on the project. Now, as part of code consolidation/refactoring, we've reshuffled things around and no longer have that luxury.

Is there really no elegant solution for such a seemingly trivial problem? Any feedback/thoughts are greatly appreciated.

FWIW, our project uses Ant as build system.

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How many different kinds kf warnings are you getting on your generated JAXB model? –  Blaise Doughan Mar 11 at 2:06
About 95% of warnings can be broken down to two categories. One is about extranous generic type declaration (JAXB doesn't use the Java 7 diamond operator) and the other one is about non-nls String literals not being externalized. There are a few others and generally we don't care about any of them. –  Quantum Mar 11 at 2:24
We have the same issue and are using option 4 in our project. If you think Atkassuans plugin is too large, you might want to create your own plugin that just add that annotation. It should only be a few code lines. You might even publicize it so we all can get rid of this problem :). See docs.oracle.com/cd/E17802_01/webservices/webservices/docs/2.0/… –  Tobber Mar 11 at 2:57
@BlaiseDoughan FYI, I'm getting a bunch of "Dead Code" warnings from the plugin that makes toString(), hashCode() and equals(). –  Ed Brannin Jul 17 at 21:31

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